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Silk spectre complete Cosplays available in time for Halloween!
Made to order
Includes a made to measure buskless underbust
Yellow chiffon halter dress
Attached to a black pointed neck corset

Corset and neck corset made with two layered of imported cotton Coutile and steel bones, both spiral and flat.
Four flat steel bones in the front for support, and four more to support the back and grommets
The sides are spiral steel boned for better curvy shape.

The corset is also detachable, so it can easily be paired with any of your other outfits.








PLEASE! Jeffrey Campbell has stolen a design from Finnish lolita brand Cloudberry Lady. The Bat Girl shoes from Jeffrey Campbell are from 2014 (released just a couple of weeks ago) and the original design is from 2013!
please signal boost this and help a small brand.

People of tumblr please support a small company! Cloudberry Lady designed Bat Shoes in 2013 and these shoes highly resemble our design. So much it’s almost hard to believe to be just a co-incidence, which I’m not denying it still could be.

But please if you are interested in this kind of shoes I humbly ask you to turn to us first. Thank you! 

Here are links to our tumblr posts of our original designs:

Please don’t promote the wrong pair!!  It’s nearing Halloween season, support the right designer :) <3

But where’s the link to buy them???

I bought these recently and they are wonderful! I can fully recommned Cloudberry Lady.

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